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"Diversity and inclusion are like multi-vitamins in my life. I take them every day. I practice them. It's part of my business practice and I'm thrilled to say, that in some ways, it has helped change the system, which is very different now than when I started. That's what I'm most proud of."

-Ryan Murphy, Founder and Mentor


Felix Alcala
Alonso Alvarez
Jennifer Arnold
Paris Barclay

Varda Bar-Kar
Angela Bassett
Tessa Blake

Sarah Boyd
Yangzom Brauen
Ian Brennan

Barbara Brown
Brad Buecker
Steven Canals
Nelson Cragg
Juan Carlos Coto

Jamie Lee Curtis
Tamra Davis

Brad Falchuk
Gloria Fan
Sheree Folkson
Liz Friedlander
Tori Garrett

Michael Goi
Rachel Goldberg
Marita Grabiak
John Gray
David Grossman

Kevin Hooks
Silas Howard
Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Helen Hunt
Liza Johnson
David Katzenberg

Elodie Keene
Maggie Kiley
Crystal Liu
Chad Lowe

Jennifer Lynch
Tina Mabry

Brenna Malloy
Jamie Walker-McCall
Michael Medico

Tara Meile
Dan Minahan
Janet Mock
SJ Main Munoz
Ryan Murphy
Alexis Ostrander

Loni Peristere
David Petrarca
Tanase Popa

Joaquin Sedillo
Dana Sharpless
Millicent Shelton
Tasha Smith
Brian Michael Smith
Oliver Stark
Marcus Stokes
Steven Tsuchida

Jann Turner
Michael Uppendahl
Danielle Wang
Max Winkler

Mary Wigmore
Scott White
James Wong

Jessica Yu

"The mentees need to feel the grind and be in the trenches so they can truly assess how they will handle episodes -creatively, emotionally, financially and psychologically - when their chance comes. It’s also important for them to develop relationships with the producers, crew and actors as they can collaborate later in their career."

- Tina Mabry, director, Pose, 9-1-1, The Politician

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"We need fresh voices. We need to change the face of TV directors.

I believe that nurturing and incubating the next generation will pay dividends to all."

- Brad Buecker, producer/director, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lonestar, 

Glee, American Horror Story

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