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Providing mentorship and education to produce a more inclusive entertainment industry

Launched in 2016, Ryan Murphy set out to ensure that at least half of the director positions on his shows were filled by women.  Less than one year after launching Half, Ryan Murphy’s director slate hired 60% women directors and 90% met its women, minorities, BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ requirement.

Concurrent with the hiring goals, the Half Initiative provides an educational Director Shadowing Program in which directors on every Ryan Murphy Television production mentors emerging and mid-career women, BIPOC and minority directors through one full episode, from pre-production to post, along with offering a significant stipend for their commitment. These funds provide critical stipends for travel, lodging, and daycare for working mothers, allowing them to meet personal financial obligations while gaining unprecedented access to further education and career growth.

In 2017, Ryan Murphy introduced Half Internships in conjunction with Mayor Eric Garcetti's Evolve Entertainment Fund hiring interns through Hire LA Youth. The Half Initiative continues to collaborate with local organizations to provide workshops and education for underrepresented talent.  

In 2021, Half launched the summer Production Assistant (PA) Intensive program which creates an educational opportunity for emerging talent to learn how to be an episodic PA by training alongside PAs on a Ryan Murphy production; supporting and shadowing the crew at all levels of production with a mission to provide them with a skill set to become a viable hire in the world of television production.